Salama Kids Participate in Pizza RFI

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Salama Ministries
Jun 20, 2016 JJCA Education

As a follow-up to our recent visit to Salama Urban Ministries to help a group of middle-schoolers understand the world of architecture, our 12 students took a little field trip to our office. Once again, we received a number of questions, like how long it takes to become an architect. Our JJCA host team of Shelby, Micah and Rachel gave the presentation to the eager students and followed that with an activity we called "Pizza RFI," an activity we borrowed from ACE, another mentoring program we work with. We divided the students into three teams: Architects, Engineers and Contractors.

The architecture team had the task of making construction documents to provide to the contracting team to build a play-doh pizza. The Contractors had the task of building it and the Engineering team had to build/design the cardboard box for the pizza. We're pretty sure we left these students hungry for more knowledge!

Salama Comes to JJCA

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