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Morgan Powell
Jun 29, 2017 JJCA Office News

Our newest team member, Morgan, is a Mississippi gal, born, raised and educated. She just graduated from Mississippi State in May, with a bachelor's degree in architecture. She comes to JJCA with relevant work experience, including three summer internsips at an architect firm in Biloxi.

Morgan joins the many JJCA team members who have a real knack for creativity and her family members are major beneficiaries. She paints, she does canvas art, she up-cycles vintage furniture - and she she uses her crafty skills to hand-make Christmas gifts for her family every year.

Morgan also fits right in with our team when it comes to food: she loves it! Her favorite food is her Filipino Aunt's Lumpia: 10 points if you know what it is without looking! Once you look, you'll probably want to try some! Apparently Morgan comes from a long line of great cooks, as her list of favorite foods extends to her dad's chicken pot pie and her nana's bread pudding.

Here's something it might take you a while to discover about Morgan: her two pinkies are crooked! She says she inherited this from her dad.

M-I- crooked finger, crooked finger, I-crooked finger, crooked finger...!

Welcome Morgan.

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