Serving Others, One Step at a Time.

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serving others
Jun 8, 2018 JJCA Office News
We chose "SERVE" as our guiding theme for this year for a variety of reasons but one of the most compelling is that serving others is one of JJCA's core values. In our core values, we speak to possibly the most challenging but rewarding "how to":
"We serve others by considering others greater than ourselves."
It's a big ask - human nature is to put oneself first. But we know that progress is made one small step at a time. So we've asked our team to be intentional in taking these steps - first, to write down a few small ways they will go above and beyond the norm during their workday and in their communities. Then, most importantly, we've challenged them to follow through in doing these things. We know the rewards will outweigh the effort. 
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